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Our repair services
We carry out three main types of repair work. All materials, construction and cleaning are included in the price. Choose the right one.
Wall and ceiling painting
from 500$
The manager goes to the measurements, calculates the work and materials. On the same day, we discuss the timing of the work.
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Laying tiles on the walls and floor
from 600$
This includes free calculation of materials, the work of masters delivery of material. We will calculate all the work on the day of measurements.
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Laying laminate and floor boards
from 500$
The service includes free consultations with our designers, room measurements, calculation.
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Our portfolio
Examples of completed works that our team is proud of
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Oliver
Photo by Leo
Photo by Paul
Photo by Lea
Photo by Fabrice
Photo by Alex
Photo by Adam
Photo by Arnaud
Photo by Leopold
Photo by Katie
Photo by Tiana
Photo by Mohd
Feedback from our clients
Morgan Sara
Thanks to the construction team for a quick and clean job. All work from start to finish was done on time. We discussed all the conditions at the first meeting.
Nick and Amanda
Special thanks to Alex and Serhii, you made everything even better than we imagined. The guys helped finalize our design project and put everything in its place.
Eric Carsin
A team of workers were doing renovations in our large office. Everything was done very quickly, all stages of the repair were clearly discussed in advance and calculated. It was a pleasant surprise to receive the finished office three days ahead of schedule.
Why will you like us?
The price is known in advance.
She is fixed. We draw up a plan and estimate on the day the measurer arrives.
Design project
It can be completely yours or finalized after consulting our designers.
Repair warranty
We provide a 5 year warranty on all repairs.
Quality materials
Purchase and delivery on us. We work with materials from KNAUF, ABB, BIOFA.
Specialists in their field
We are for the division of labor. Specialists of a narrow profile work on each project.
Staged payment
Step-by-step payment for repairs. Acceptance of works by the customer and payment are divided into 4 parts.
Repair cost calculation free of charge
Our measurer will contact you and arrive at a convenient time. We will make a calculation within 24 hours and contact you
What are the stages of the repair?
You leave a request for the calculation of the cost of repairs and meet with the measurer
Cost calculation
On the same day we make the calculation
The next day we deliver materials and start work
Reception of work
You accept, approve and pay for each stage of work
The most important questions and answers to them
How much does it cost to call a measurer?
This free service
Can the customer provide the materials himself?
Of course. This will need to be told to the measurer or our manager by phone before the start of drawing up the contract.
How long does the repair take?
It depends on the type of work and the size of the area.
If you have any questions, please write to us at hello@remont.rp or contact us by phone
Calculate the cost of repairs
We will contact you, make measurements, calculations of work.
+1 215 989 87 08
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